Jason Alfrey
Advance Scope Oral Health Therapist BAppHSc(OralHlth) UQ G.C.Dentistry Adel Post.Grad.Cert.Dent.Therp(AdvClinPrac)

Team member – Jason Alfrey

Jason joins the Whitesmile team with a wealth of knowledge in general minimal intervention dentistry along with periodontal care (gum care) and pediatric dental care.

Having completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Queensland in 2003 Jason has been in private practice for the best part of the last 17 years providing high quality, tailored dental care in a genuine and caring manner. Whether it is out of the shear need for challenge or, because he wanted to deepen his scope of care for his patients Jason went on to postgraduate study. From the University of Adelaide, he obtained a Graduate Certificate in Dentistry and the University of Melbourne he was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Dental Therapy in Advanced Clinical Practice. What this really means is he knowledgeable and passionate about his dental care.

Jason’s primary focus is on preserving what you have and maintaining it. His approach to dental care is wholistic in nature and that helps to understand the overall importance of your dental health in overall health. Having years of experience in providing quality dental care he understands the importance of being able to assist his patients achieve lifelong oral health. Jason is well regarded for his friendly, gentle nature and high standard of treatment.

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