It can be incredibly difficult sometimes to get your kid to the dentist. They may be extremely nervous about the experience – terrified at the thought of a complete stranger putting metallic objects into their mouths.

Below, we’ll outline about what you can do to help your child be comfortable at the dentist. We’ll also outline what to do to ensure you choose the right dentistry professional for your child.

How do I make my child more comfortable at the dentist?

Many parents avoid scheduling their children for dental visits because the struggle is overwhelming. 

Avoiding dental appointments deprives children of regular check-ups can be harmful to them in the long run. 

Follow these tips to ease your child into it: 

  • Start early – Familiarise your child with the dental environment early on. One-year-old babies can be brought to a dental clinic to ensure their teeth are coming in nicely. Instil in your child a sense of belonging as early as possible, so your future dental trips will be less of a battle.
  • Don’t give your child a bad picture – Never frighten any child about dentists and dental treatment because an already scared child will be difficult to handle. For example, do not say to your child that a dentist will pull his teeth out if he does not brush his teeth regularly. 
  • Tell your child dentists help people – Tell your kid that he has germs on his teeth, which is why he or she feels pain. Then tell them that dentists are friendly people who remove these germs from people’s teeth to make them feel better. 

Your child may be frightened seeing the dental clinic’s atmosphere for the first time. The dental chairs, instruments, and lights may be frightening for them, but you can explain these things to them gently. 

Usually, the dentist has toys and pictures to help explain these things in simple terms. 

  • Mirror – “for looking at your teeth”
  • Excavator – “filling instruments that kill germs”
  • Micromotor or aerator – “for removing germs”

Parents should appear relaxed and not stressed. The way you look and feel will reflect on your child. Always show a calm, reassuring demeanour to help make your child feel better. 

How do you choose a children’s dentist? 

Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing a paediatric dentist. 

  • They have a fun and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Qualifications – Check if they are registered with the Dental Board of Australia. Also, ask if they have any specialty. 
  • Do they have a well-equipped dental clinic? 
  • Are they knowledgeable on all procedures and updates? How long have been providing kids’ dental services? 

What types of services do paediatric dentists provide?

Dentists for kids provide different dental services, such as: 

  • Infant oral health exams – for identification of caries threats. 
  • Preventive dental care – fluoride and cleansing remedies
  • Advice on food regimen and vitamin supplement suggestions
  • Repair of cavities and tooth defects
  • Management of paediatric periodontal disorder 
  • Provision of care for tooth accidents

What is the Brisbane children’s dental benefits scheme? 

The government of Australia provides support for children’s dental care via its Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), a program that covers part or the full cost of some basic dental services for children. 

To take advantage of this Schedule, your child must meet the following requirements: 

  • 0 to 17 years of age for at least one day that particular calendar year.
  • The child must be Medicare-eligible.
  • You or your child receive a so-called “eligible payment” once in the calendar year (which includes certain Centrelink payments such as the Carer Payment, Parenting Payment or ABSTUDY). 

Once your child is evaluated as eligible, they’ll be eligible for that entire calendar year and will receive a maximum funding of $1,026 for over two consecutive calendar years. 

Subject to the terms and conditions of the scheme, your child can receive funding for the following dental services: 

  • Extractions 
  • Restoration (fillings)
  • Fissure sealants
  • Fluoride treatments 
  • Scale and cleans
  • X-rays
  • Examinations and evaluations

The CDBS does not cover children’s mouthguards, orthodontics, and cosmetic dental treatment. 

Eligible patients can claim your CDBS benefit in two ways: 

  • At the dentist when they pay. 
  • Directly from the CDBS if the dentist does not bulk bill. 

Bulk billing means the patient does not have to pay the clinic. Instead, the clinic bills the CDBS directly, and it accepts the Medicare benefit as payment for the service. 

What is kids’ fluoride treatment? 

Fluoride varnish is a children’s dentistry preventative treatment against tooth decay. In this procedure, the dentist coats the child’s teeth with fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral known to strengthen the tooth enamel (the outer covering on teeth).  

Fluoride is also a mineral that attacks bacteria that cause cavities and hamper acid attacks from carbohydrates and sugars that destroy teeth. 

Maintain good oral hygiene for your children and make sure they visit the dental clinic regularly. Seeing a dentist every six months will help keep your children’s teeth healthy and dazzling. 

Do you need children’s dentist services in Brisbane? 

We’re a team of dental care specialists that deal with children’s oral health from infancy through their teen years. We put children’s well-being first to make them feel looked after and safe under our care. 

We hope the above information helps you choose a kids dentist in Brisbane. If you’d like any more information, just give us a call, and we will try to answer them as clearly as possible. Our friendly customer service assistants are ready to help.