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Complimentary Teeth Whitening Offer


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The difference beautiful white teeth can have on your appearance and confidence is amazing. You’ll look healthy and feel great! Our teeth whitening procedure is popular because it is fast and effective. Each week we help many customers achieve a healthier and younger looking smile using our teeth whitening take‐home system.

It only takes  two, 10‐minute sessions to get started. At the first appointment we take impressions of your teeth to create your custom made teeth whitening trays. At the second appointment we check to make sure the trays fit perfectly and show you exactly how to use our take‐home system. You can then  use the kit at your convenience – day or night.

Our teeth whitening system is designed towards moderate cases which take around two weeks to achieve beautiful white teeth. To get the best results for a healthier whiter mouth you will need a consultation and hygiene appointment with Dr Christophers.

Whitesmile Dental Care’s teeth whitening take‐home system enjoys a success rate of around 90%. This is a fantastic success rate, however  as teeth whitening is unpredictable, results cannot be guaranteed. It is our preferred method of teeth whitening as it produces excellent and long lasting results, and creates less teeth sensitivity.

However for those who require an immediate result, we also offer a powerful in‐chair, one‐hour Zoom teeth whitening service.This well known in‐studio procedure delivers instant results using a high strength hydrogen peroxide formula.

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