The most important aspect

managing anxiety is for us to listen to our patients at your initial visit and understand what your specific fears and concerns are based on. From this discussion, we can work together to find a plan to help you get the dental care you need in a comfortable manner.

To help you, we offer 3 different options.

Mild anxiety – Laughing gas

Nitrous Oxide or Laughing gas as most know it, has been used for over a hundred and fifty years to help adults and children relax during dental treatment. It is useful with mild cases of anxiety, and is considered very safe.

Moderate Anxiety – Oral sedation

When we have patients who are more anxious, we can provide an oral sedative that will make you feel very relaxed, although you will still be awake. The other advantages are the procedure will seem much shorter in length and you won’t remember a lot of the procedure. You will need someone to drive you home.

Severe Anxiety

When we have extremely anxious patients we can arrange for the attendance of an aesthetist to administer intravenous sedation. This is a deeper level of sedation than oral sedation.

We find that many patients are much less anxious become more comfortable over time and less likely to require sedation.

Our advice would be to book a simple consultation to just come and have a chat with us.
We can talk you through any fears you may have and how we can help.
You’ll then have a better understanding of what to expect and have a chance to discuss your concerns with us.
Dr Christophers has 30 years experience in helping nervous patients get the dentistry they need in a relaxed environment.

Teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, veneers and white fillings are just some of the options WhiteSmile Dental Care offers, as part of a personalised treatment plan for a total smile makeover. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a solution that will give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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