Occlusal splints are appliances prescribed to protect the teeth, joints or restorations from damage.

For patients who are wearing occlusal splints for the protection of teeth and restorations ,but do not have significant jaw or muscle pain, an appliance that is very comfortable and of minimal dimensions is desired. 3D printed nylon occlusal splints are unsurpassed in regards to absolute minimal dimensions, comfort and strength.

We have provided these particular appliances for more than 5 years and have not had one breakage in that time.

A 3D printed occlusal splint, made from laser sintered 3D printed nylon, is the most advanced appliance available. It is unbreakable in the mouth, even down to a thickness of 0.5mm.

Patient comfort is unparalleled with digital design, ensuring the lowest possible profile and optimised retention. 3D printed nylon splints are now the gold standard for providing protection of teeth in the longer term. Compliance is less of a problem, as was the case with acrylic resin splints, which were much thicker and bulkier.

Features of 3D Printed Splints

The unique properties of 3D printed nylon are superior to traditional acrylic resin and includes comfort, strength and thinness.

The following features of the 3D printed splint ensures maximal patient comfort

  • Minimal dimensions, down to a thickness of 0.5mm on side walls,
  • Virtually unbreakable, even in extremely thin sections
  • Exceptional fit through the scanning and printing technology
  • Thermoplastic. Can be softened in boiling water to accommodate restorative or other changes in the dentition

A personalised mouthguard may cost more than a store bought one ( majority of the cost is usually covered by your health-fund )but in the long run it is a sound investment in your teeth’s health .

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