Whitesmile Dental Care is a fully digital dental practice. Our aim is to use technology effectively so can we provide a high quality,efficient, cost effective dental service to our local community.

The technology in our practice :

Practice Management

Patient management system -Dental 4 Windows. This award winning Australian owned and developed software, is used for our dental records, xray storage, photographic storage, SMS and email reminder service, recall program.

HICAPS – Our HICAPS machine is linked to our Dental 4 Windows program to allow instant claiming of your dental insurance rebate or to make EFTPOS payments.

Patient Focussed

CEREC omnicam – CEREC is a sophisticated CAD/CAM system allowing us to create a 3D print of the tooth, so that the crown/restoration is designed and milled on site. This type of technology is not available in many surgeries due to the costs for the dentist and skills required. We do not charge extra for having this technology as the time saving advantages us as much as the patient.

i) Digital rather than conventional impressions. The Omnicam uses a pen like camera to capture the impression – this is more accurate and faster than a conventional rubber impression. In addition for patients with a strong gag reflex, this technique is comfortable and well tolerated compared to conventional rubbery impressions. It can even mean the difference between being able to have a procedure done, or not. This is because for many patients that have a gagging problem, they avoid dental care entirely, which can lead to more complex problems, with increased costs in future.

ii) Same day crowns. Many people lead very busy lives and taking time out to visit the dentist is difficult. The CEREC technique allows for production of a Ceramic crown, veneer or filling in a single 90 minute appointment. In comparison, the traditional technique used by most other dentists involves placement of a temporary restoration at the first visit, with delivery of the restoration 2 weeks later. Temporary restorations which are made of plastic and glued with temporary glue ,can frequently come off or break leading to further visits and time away from work. There is usually a 2 week waiting period for construction of the restoration by a dental technician. Once the restoration is fabricated a second visit is need to fit the restoration, necessitating another dose of local anaesthesia and more time off work. There is more information under the technology tab above including several videos of the CEREC process.

Zoom Whitespeed

We have the latest Phillips Zoom Whitespeed whitening system. This system can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in a single 60 minute session. We also provide all of our clients with a take home whitening kit to top up your whitening result and keep you smiling.

Intraoral camera

This is a small pen like camera that enables us to show you the current condition of your teeth. Many dental problems are difficult to visualise and the earlier they are detected the more easily they can be repaired.

Satelec ultrasonic scaler

this variable intensity scaler provides a comfortable method of removal of hardened tartar from your teeth compared to other techniques.

ADEC 400 dental chair -this chair is one of the most comfortable dental chairs on the market. The movement is very smooth and comfortable for patients with back and neck problems.

LED overhead light

this light produces no heat and has 3 intensities for those with sensitive eyes.

Digital xrays

We use a wired CSN sensor which allows for immediate viewing of images. Digital Xray systems use 90% less radiation than conventional film based xrays.

Ceiling mounted TV’s

Relax during your treatment with either free to air television, music or a movie, with noise cancelling headphones.

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